“La maison de l’Améthyste” (The Amesthyst museum) offers you several playful activities :

  • Two workshops about lapidary and mineralogy: “Choose and polish your stone” and “Mineral, who are you?

  • The “Nature & Patrimoine*” hike : “Comme to the mine”

La maison de l'Améthyste French Internet Site
La maison de l'Améthyste French Internet Site
La maison de l'Améthyste French Internet Site
Choose and polish your stone


Minerals can be distinguished by their hardness.


Playing a precious stone lapidary, you will experience the cutting and polishing of a mineral with an average hardness using diamond tools. By its various range of colors and hues, this stone is quite similar to the amethyst that is found in Auvergne.

More patient people could dabble in cuttung and polishing an amethyst crystal, which has a greater hardness


Duration of the workshop : 1h15/1h30.

The hike " Come to the mine "


You will go in the nature near an amethyst deposit, to be initiated to geology, prospection and collecting minerals. You will collect fragments of rocks and more specifically of amethysts on the geosite called “Mine de Poux”.

Let's put ourselves in the shoes of the prospector looking of an amethyst vein. Manipulate and touch rocks and minerals, look for the purple mineral to discover its deposit. This walk of 3km A / R leads us to the meeting new miners and their prospecting site to observe a superb amethyst quartz vein.

This price includes guiding, entry to the private site of the "Mine de Poux" and 50g harvest of amethyst crystals per person ; beyond the 50g harvested, the owner invoices directly on the spot the surplus to 2.04 € per 100 g


In both cases, you will go back home with what you will find !

The group is supervised by a geologist contributor. Maximum number of participants: 25. Do not hesitate to contact us to reserve your place !


Duration of the hike : 2h30 + museum visit : 30 minutes.

Mandatory : to walk in the forest, you must have :

* good shoes (for walking or sport)

* un bag to stock and bring back your amethyste fragments