Pierres d'Améthyste d'Auvergne® :

all our stones are guaranteed origin of the

" Géosite de l'Améthyste d'Auvergne® " .

rolled, polished, pendants, faceted, ...

Goutez les pâtes de fruits « L'Améthyste du Vernet® »
Taste the fruit paste "Vernet® Amethyst"


Born of a meeting between a gourmet geologist and a passionate confectioner, the fruit paste "L'Améthyste du Vernet®" reproduces some crystalline forms typical of amethyst quartz, emblematic mineral of the granite subsoil of Vernet la Varenne and La Chapelle-sur-Usson.


Prism and hexagonal head show the characteristic white and purple hues of the deposit, while the creamy and fine paste is punctuated subtly inclusions.

Sold in bags of 150 g